Heyman, Jacques

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HEYMAN, Jacques

HEYMAN, Jacques. British, b. 1925. Genres: Architecture, Engineering. Career: Fellow, Peterhouse, Cambridge, 1949-51, 1955-92, Emeritus Fellow, 1992-; Cambridge University, Sr. Bursar, Peterhouse, 1962-64, Demonstrator, 1951, Lecturer, 1954, Reader, 1968, Professor of Engineering, 1971-92, Head of Dept., 1983-92, Emeritus Professor, 1992-. Consultant Engineer, Ely Cathedral, 1972-, St. Albans Cathedral, 1978-, and Lichfield and Worcester Cathedrals, 1986-; Member, Architectural Advisory Panel, Westminster Abbey, 197398, and Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England, 1981-. Member of the Council, Institution of Civil Engineers, 1960-63, 1975-78. Publications: (with Lord Baker and M.R. Horne) The Steel Skeleton, vol. 2, 1956; Plastic Design of Portal Frames, 1957; Beams and Framed Structures, 1964, 1974; Plastic Design of Frames, 2 vols., 1969-71; Coulomb's Memoir on Statics, 1972; Equilibrium of Shell Structures, 1977; Elements of Stress Analysis, 1982; The Masonry Arch, 1982; The Stone Skeleton, 1995; Estructuras de fabrica, 1995; Elements of the Theory of Structures, 1996; Arches, Vaults and Buttresses, 1996; Structural Analysis: A Historical Approach, 1998; The Science of Structural Engineering, 1999. Address: 3 Banhams Close, Cambridge, England.

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Heyman, Jacques

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