Freeman, Marcia S.

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FREEMAN, Marcia S.

FREEMAN, Marcia S. American, b. 1937. Genres: Children's fiction, Children's non-fiction, Writing/Journalism. Career: High school science teacher in Moravia, NY, 1961-62; elementary school teacher in Caldwell, NJ, 1976-85; presenter of writing education in-service training to elementary and middle-school teachers throughout the U.S., 1987-2002. University of South Florida, member of board of directors and coordinator of Suncoast Young Author's Conference, 1988-94, adjunct member of faculty, 1994-95. Publications: FOR CHILDREN: Push and Pull, 1998; Catfish and Spaghetti, 1998; Wetlands, 1998; Giant Pandas, 1999; Polar Bears, 1999; Black Bears, 1999; Brown Bears, 1999; Pine Trees, 1999; Maple Trees, 1999; Palm Trees, 1999; Oak Trees, 1999; Fire Engines, 1999; Ambulances, 1999; Police Cars, 1999; Watching the Weather, 1999; A Bird's-Eye View, 1999; Where Do You Live?, 1999; Nature's Gift, 1999; Coast to Coast, 1999; Going to the City, 1999; Young Geographers, 1999; The Gift, 2002; Is It Alive?, 2002; Properties of Material, 2002; Predator and Prey, 2002; Living Color, 2004; What Can You Do with Water, 2004; Insects, 2004; Mammal Moms and Their Young, 2004; G Is for Grass, 2004; Plant Food, 2004; At the Pond, 2004; When It Rains, 2004; What Is Science, 2004; Let's Go Bird Watching, 2004; In All Directions, 2004; Making Things Move, 2004; Everything under the Sun, 2004; You Are a Scientist, 2004; What Plant Is This, 2004; Animal Lives, 2004. FOR ADULTS: Building a Writing Community, 1995; Listen to This, 1997; Teaching the Youngest Writers, 1998; Non-fiction Writing Strategies Using Science Books as Models, 2000; Craft Plus, 2003. Contributor to magazines for children and teachers. Address: 4668 Sweetmeadow Cir, Sarasota, FL 34238, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]