The Disenchanted

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The Disenchanted ★★½ La Desenchantee 1990

Seventeen-year-old Beth (Godreche) is having a rough time growing up. She's forced to look after her bedridden mother and younger brother and their survival depends on the generosity of her mother's ex-lover, who's now taking a more personal interest in the beautiful teenager. Meanwhile, Beth's arrogant boyfriend decides Beth should prove her love for him by sleeping with the ugliest man she can find. French with subtitles. 78m/C VHS, DVD . FR Judith Godreche, Ivan Desny, Therese Liotard, Malcolm Conrath, Marcel Bozonnet; D: Benoit Jacquot; W: Benoit Jacquot; C: Caroline Champetier; M: Jorge Arriagada.

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The Disenchanted

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