The Doe Boy

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The Doe Boy ★★ 2001

A hemophiliac half-Cherokee youth tries to live up to his father's expectations, free himself from an over-protective mother, and forge an identify for himself. He also has to overcome the stigma of accidently killing a female deer instead of a buck during his first hunting trip (giving him his nickname and the movie its title). Redroad's directorial debut doesn't break much new ground, but deals with the themes in a satisfying way. Fine cast helps things along nicely. 83m/C VHS, DVD . James Duval, Kevin Anderson, Andrew J. Ferchland, Jeri Arredondo, Jim Metzler, Gordon Tootoosis, Robert C. Anthony; D: Randy Redroad; W: Randy Redroad; C: Laszlo Kadar; M: Adam Dorn.

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The Doe Boy

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