The Crush

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The Crush ★½ 1993 (R)

Wealthy 14-year-old temptress Silverstone (in her debut) develops an obsessive crush on handsome 28-year-old Elwes, who rents her family's guest house. In an attempt to win his heart, she rewrites his poorly composed magazine articles. This doesn't convince him they should mate for life, so she sabotages his apartment to vent her rage. Sound familiar? The plot's lifted right out of “Fatal Attraction” and Shapiro doesn't offer viewers anything inventively different. He does manage to substitute new methods for the spurned lover to snare her prey. Limp plot would have been exciting if we hadn't seen it so many times before. 89m/C VHS, DVD . Cary Elwes, Alicia Silverstone, Jennifer Rubin, Kurtwood Smith, Gwynyth Walsh, Amber Benson; D: Alan Shapiro; W: Alan Shapiro; C: Bruce Surtees; M: Graeme Revell. MTV Movie Awards '94: Breakthrough Perf. (Silverstone), Villain (Silverstone).