The Curse of King Tut

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The Curse of King Tut

Some stories of alleged supernatural occurrences cannot really be classified as either urban legends or hoaxes, but as accounts that have been told so often that the truth of the original report has become obscured over the years. Perhaps a classic story of this type would be the curse of King Tut.

The following individuals have been linked to Tut's curse:

  • Howard Carter's canary
  • Lord Carnarvon
  • Sheik Abdul Haman
  • Jay Gould
  • Woolf Joel
  • Sir Archibald Douglas Reid
  • Lady Carnarvon
  • Professor Cisanova
  • Georges Benedite
  • Albert M. Lythgoe
  • Sir William Garstin
  • A. Lucas
  • Arthur E. P. Weigal
  • The Honorable Mervyn Herbert
  • Richard Bethel


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The Curse of King Tut

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