The Curious Dr. Humpp

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The Curious Dr. Humpp ★ 1970

A mad scientist (Barbero) kidnaps exotic dancers and extracts their libidos to preserve his youth. Under the guise of research, he encourages his victims to engage in trysts so that their carnal energies will increase. Everything is hunky dory until a reporter (Bauleo) starts snooping around the laboratory, discovering Dr. Humpp observing multiple couplings via closed-circuit TV. Boldly exploitative, the American distributor added about 10 minutes of raunchy hard-core footage of exotic dance routines. 87m/B VHS, DVD . AR Gloria Prat, Susan Beltran, Ricardo Bauleo, Aldo Barbe-ro; D: Emilio Vieyra; W: Emilio Vieyra, Raul Zorril-la; C: Anibal Gonzalez Paz; M: Victor Buchino.

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The Curious Dr. Humpp

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