The Crown Prince

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The Crown Prince ★★½ Kron-prinz Rudolf 2006

In the late 1880s, Crown Prince Rudolf, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, enters into an unhappy marriage of convenience to try to please his controlling father, Emperor Franz-Joseph. Progressive for his time, Rudolf finds his suggestions for political alliances and reforms shunned and he seemingly has nothing better to do than fall obsessively in love with the beautiful Baroness Mary Vetsera, whom he takes to his castle at Mayerling. Rudolf's father does not approve; things don't end well. Based on a true story that has been filmed before, notably as 1969's “Mayerling.” 181m/C DVD . AT GE Omar Sharif, Christian Clavier, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Sandra Ceccarelli, Max von Thun, Victoria Puccini, Alexandra Vandernoot, Birgit Mini-chmayr; D: Robert Dornhelm; W: Didier Decoin, Klaus Lintschinger; C: Michael Riebl; M: Ludwig Eckmann, Joerg Magnus Pfeil. TV