Children of the Century

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Children of the Century ★★ Les Enfants du Siecle 1999

Antenuated costumer depicting the volatile affair between the Baroness Dudevant, soon to be known as writer George Sand (Binoche), and the younger (and dissolute) poet, Alfred de Musset (Magimel). To escape his wealthy family's disapproval, the lovers travel to Venice where Alfred's continued dissipation leads to illness and the services of Dr. Pagello (Dionisi), with whom a fedup Sands soon begins a romance. Musset returns to Paris and when Sands follow later, the duo try to rekindle their romantic ardor. Musset's fictionized version of their affair was entitled “Confessions of a Child of the Century.” French with subtitles. 137m/C VHS, DVD . FR Juliette Binoche, Benoit Magimel, Stefano Dionisi, Robin Renucci, Karin Viard, Isabelle Carre, Denis Podalydes; D: Diane Kurys; W: Diane Kurys, Murray Head, Francois Olivier Rousseau; C: Vilko Filac; M: Luis Bacalov.

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Children of the Century

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