Children of Fury

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Children of Fury ★★ In the Line of Duty: Siege at Marion 1994 (PG-13)

Fact-based TV movie covers the death (at police hands) of self-proclaimed prophet, Utah polygamist John Singer (Weisser), whose wife Vickie (Harper) and children vow revenge. When fundamentalist Addam Swapp (Secor) joins their group, he soon begins intimidating the locals and bombs a building in the town of Marion. Authorities call in the FBI and chief agent Bill Bryant (Franz) sets up a siege of the property. 85m/C VHS . Kyle Secor, Tess Harper, Dennis Franz, Ed Begley Jr., Paul LeMat, Norbert Weisser, William H. Macy, Rex Linn; D: Charles Haid; W: Rich Husky; C: William Wages; M: Gary Chang. TV

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Children of Fury

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