Children of the Corn: Revelation

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Children of the Corn: Revelation ★★ 2001

Jamie (Mink) is looking for her missing grandma at the condemned Hampton Arms where the remaining residents are meeting grisly fates. She and detective Armbrister (Cassie) are informed by a mysterious priest (Ironside) that the condos were built on the site of a tent revival fire that killed a number of children. Of course the kids turn out to be the Gatlin killer-kiddie cult and they return to reclaim their land. Some decent shockers in this 7th installment of the series. 81m/C VHS, DVD . Claudette Mink, Michael Ironside, Troy Yorke, Sean Smith, Kyle Cassie, Michael Rogers, Taylor Hobbs, Jeff(rey) Ballard, Crystal Lowe; D: Guy Magar. VIDEO

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Children of the Corn: Revelation

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