Children of the Damned

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Children of the Damned ★★ 1963

Six children, who are a sample of what man will evolve to in a million years, are born all around the world with genius IQs, ray-gun eyes, and murderous dispositions. Two investigators bring the children together, and while they are being examined by scientists they escape. The children hide out in a church, but they are doomed because their destiny is to be destroyed to teach a lesson to modern man. A sequel to “Village of the Damned” based loosely on the novel “The Midwich Cuckoos” by John Wyndham. 90m/B VHS, DVD . GB Ian Hendry, Alan Badel, Barbara Ferris, Alfred Burke, Sheila Allen, Clive Powell, Frank Summerscales, Mahdu Mathen, Gerald Delsol, Roberta Rex, Franchesca Lee, Harold Goldblatt, Ralph Michael, Martin Miller, Lee Yoke-Moon; D: Anton Leader; W: John Briley; C: Davis Boulton.

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Children of the Damned

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