Children of Dune

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Children of Dune ★★ 2003

The continuation of the 2000 miniseries “Dune” is based on the second and third novels of Frank Herbert's series and may be confusing to the uninitiated. It's now 12 years since Paul Atreides (Newman) has become emperor of Arrakis, which has a monopoly on the precious commodity Spice, but his ascension to the throne has caused a holy war across the universe. It has also caused rivalry with the deposed royal family led by scheming Princess Wensicia (Sarandon). Paul's children, Leto (McAvoy) and Ghanima (Brooks), who are being groomed to rule, soon come to realize they must destroy their father's legacy in order to save their world. 266m/C VHS, DVD . Alec Newman, Susan Sarandon, James McAvoy, Jessica Brooks, Alice Krige, Edward Atterton, Steven Berkoff, Julie Cox, Barbara Kodetova, Ian McNeice, P. H. Moriarty; D: Greg Yaitanes; W: John Harrison; C: Arthur Reinhart; M: Brian Tyler. CABLE

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Children of Dune

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