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CHAMBERS, Peter. Also writes as Simon Challis, Peter Chester, Philip Daniels, Dennis Phillips. British, b. 1924. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense. Career: Director, since 1983, and Hon. Treasurer, since 1990, Author's Licencing and Collecting Society, London. Former professional jazz musician; has worked as a sr. manager in nationalized industry. Executive Councillor, Writers Guild of Great Britain, London, 1982-87; Chairman, Crime Writers Association, London, 1984-85. Publications: Murder Is for Keeps, 1961; Wreath for a Redhead, 1962; The Big Goodbye, 1962; Dames Can Be Deadly, 1963; Down-Beat Kill, 1963; Lady, This Is Murder, 1963; This'll Kill You, 1964; Nobody Lives Forever, 1964; You're Better Off Dead, 1965; Always Take the Big Ones, 1965; No Gold When You Go, 1966; Don't Bother to Knock, 1966; The Bad Die Young, 1967; The Blonde Wore Black, 1968; No Peace for the Wicked, 1968; Speak Ill of the Dead, 1968; (as Simon Challis) Death on a Quiet Beach, 1968; (as Dennis Phillips) Revenge Incorporated, 1970; They Call It Murder, 1973; Somebody Has to Lose, 1975; The Deader They Fall, 1979; Lady, You're Killing Me, 1979; The Day of the Big Dollar, 1979; The Beautiful Golden Frame, 1980; Nothing Personal, 1980; The Deep Blue Cradle, 1980; A Long Time Dead, 1981; The Lady who Never Was, 1981; Female-Handle with Care, 1981; Murder Is Its Own Reward, 1982; The Highly Explosive Case, 1982; A Miniature Murder Mystery, 1982; Jail Bait, 1983; Dragons Can Be Dangerous, 1983; Bomb-Scare Flight 147; The Moving Picture Writes, 1984; The Vanishing Holes Murders, 1985; The Day the Thames Caught Fire, 1989; The Hot Money Caper, 1992; No Place for a Lady, 1993. AS PETER CHESTER: Killing Comes Easy, 1958; Murder Forestalled, 1960; The Pay-Grab Murders, 1962; Blueprint for Larceny, 1963; The Traitors, 1964. AS PHILIP DANIELS: Goldmine, London W1, 1979; The Scarred Man, 1980; The Nice Quiet Girl, 1980; Alibi of Guilt, 1980; Foolproof, 190; Suspicious, 1981; The Inconvenient Corpse, 1982; A Genteel Little Murder, 1982; Nice Knight for Murder, 1982; The Dracula Murders, 1983; Cinderella Spy, 1984; Enquiries Are Proceeding, 1986; The Hunting of Mr. Gloves, 1986. Address: Hillcrest House, 94 Highfield Lane, Maidenhead, Berks. SL6 3PF, England.

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