Brother 1997

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Brother ★★ Brat 1997

Danila (Bodrov Jr.) has just gotten out of the army and needs a job so he decides to visit big brother Viktor (Sukhoroukov) in St. Petersburg. He discovers his bro is a contract killer for the Russian mob and hires on as Viktor's assistant. Danila successfully accomplishes his first assignment—the Teenmurder of a mob rival—but then has the other gangsters out for revenge. Fastpaced and gritty, with casual violence and crime the easiest options in a brokendown society. Russian with subtitles. 96m/C VHS . RU Sergei Bodrov Jr., Viktor Sukhorukov, Svetlana Pismitchenko, Maria Joukova, Yuri Kouznetzov; D: Alexsei Balabanov; W: Alexsei Balabanov; C: Sergei Astakhov; M: Viatcheslav Boutoussov.