Brosnahan, L(eonard) F(rancis)

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BROSNAHAN, L(eonard) F(rancis)

BROSNAHAN, L(eonard) F(rancis). New Zealander, b. 1922. Genres: Language/Linguistics. Career: Vice Chancellor (retired), University of South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, since 1983 (Professor, 1969-82; Deputy Vice-Chancellor, 1972-79; Vice-Chancellor, 1982-83). Former Lecturer, and Sr. Lecturer, University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and Professor, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. Publications: Some Old English Sound Changes, 1953; Genes and Phonemes, 1957; The Sounds of Language, 1961-82; The English Language in the World, 1963; (with B. Malmberg) Introduction to Phonetics, 1970, 1975; Grammar Usage and the Teacher, 1971. Address: Lake Okareka, Rural Delivery 5, Rotorua 3221, New Zealand.