Brother of Sleep

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Brother of Sleep ★★★ Schlafes Bruder 1995 (R)

Elias (Eisermann), the illegitimate son of the local priest, is discovered to have perfect pitch, a beautiful voice, and a special symbiosis with nature. Which does nothing to endear him to the superstitious inhabitants of his 19th-century Austrian mountain village. Elias doesn't know whether his gift is a blessing or a curse but he'd give it up if he could win the love of his cousin Elspeth (Vavrova). Schneider scripted from his 1992 novel, which has previously been adapted as a ballet and opera. German with subtitles. 133m/C VHS, DVD . GE Andre Eisermann, Dana Vavrova, Ben Becker; D: Joseph Vilsmaier; W: Robert Schneider; C: Joseph Vilsmaier; M: Norbert J. Schneider.