Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor

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Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor ★★ 2003

By-the-numbers bio of Revolutionary War general turned British Loyalist, Benedict Arnold (Quinn). By 1776, Arnold was falling out of favor with Congress amidst accusations of incompetence, although he's still supported by his friend, George Washington (Grammer). But after meeting Margaret Shippen (Montgomery), the daughter of a loyalist sympathizer, the increasingly resentful Arnold, who also needs money to stave off bankruptcy, begins to sell information to the enemy and comes up with a plan to turn over West Point to the redcoats. 100m/ C VHS, DVD . Aidan Quinn, Kelsey Grammer, Flora Montgomery, John Light, John Kavanagh; D: Mikael Salomon; W: William Mastrosimone; C: Seamus Deasy; M: David Williams. CABLE

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Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honor

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