The Audrey Hepburn Story

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The Audrey Hepburn Story ★★ 2000 (PG)

When you play a movie icon, expect the critical brickbats to fly. Sweet Hewitt does her best in the title role (Hepburn's her longtime idol) but it's all surface gloss. Bio covers 1935 to 1960 as Hepburn deals with family crises (dad's a two-timing Nazi sympathizer who abandons his family), war years in Nazi-occupied Holland, Hepburn's beginnings as a dancer in England and her first small roles. Then it's onto New York and the world of theatre and films. Along the way there's a little romance, a marriage to actor Mel Ferrer (McCormack), and various re-creations of some Hepburn movie roles. 133m/C VHS, DVD . Jennifer Love Hewitt, Eric McCormack, Frances Fisher, Peter Giles, Keir Dullea, Gabriel Macht, Marcel Jeannin, Swede Svensson, Michael J. Burg, Ryan Hollyman; D: Steve Robman; W: Marsha Norman; C: Pierre Letarte; M: Lawrence Shragge. TV