The Aura

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The Aura ★★★ 2005

To escape his bleak life in Buenos Aires, Esteban (Darin)—a quiet, reserved taxidermist—has fantasies of carrying out the perfect crime using his photographic memory even though he's plagued by epileptic seizures that at first give him great clarity (the “aura”) but then cause blackouts. Despite this, Esteban seizes a chance to make his crime dream come true when he figures out that Dietrich (Rodal), who he mistakenly kills while on a hunting trip, was plotting a real heist. He's able to convince Dietrich's wife and gang members that he's also in on the gig but much like his seizures the events that follow get out of control. Tense thriller was only the second movie directed by Bielinsky, who died of a heart attack after its completion. In Spanish with subtitles. 138m/C DVD . AR FR SP Ri-cardo Darin, Dolores Fonzi, Alejandro Awada, Pablo Cedron, Jorge d'Elia, Nahuel Perez, Walter Reyno, Manuel Rodal, Rafael Castejon; D: Fabian Bielinsky; W: Fabian Bielinsky; C: Checco Varese; M: Lucio Godoy.