The Astronaut Farmer

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The Astronaut Farmer ★★½ 2007 (PG)

NASA engineer Charlie Farmer (Thornton) left the space program for his family's failing Texas ranch but never gave up his dream of being an astronaut. He's got his very own shiny silver space suit and is building an actual rocket in his barn. His family and friends see Charlie as a larger-than-life eccentric but when he tries to buy rocket fuel the feds think Charlie's some kind of homegrown terrorist. Film treats Charlie and his dreams matter-of-factly as does Thornton, with Madsen luminous as his devoted wife and Simmons blustering as his fed nemesis. 104m/ C DVD . US Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen, Bruce Dern, J.K. Simmons, Tim Blake Nelson, Max Thieriot, Jon(athan) Gries, Mark Polish, Jasper Polish, Logan Polish; Cameos: Bruce Willis; D: Michael Polish; W: Mark Polish, Michael Polish; C: M. David Mullen; M: Stuart Matthewman.

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The Astronaut Farmer

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