Any Given Sunday

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Any Given Sunday ★★★ 1999 (R)

Stone sets aside his conspiracy theories on war and politics and effectively shines a spotlight on a different kind of battlefield to come up with the most commerical and entertaining film of his career. Pacino heads an all-star cast as the battered, yet wise and resilient coach of a struggling Miami football team who locks horns with not only young quarterback Foxx, but ruthless, ballbuster team owner Diaz. Epic-like runtime (which sprints along thanks to Stone's potent mix of raw camera work and hip-hop soundtrack) allows much of the cast plenty of room, with comedian Foxx holding his own with the big boys in a star-making performance as the hotdog player with a bad case of ego. With an intelligent script and a perfect cast, Stone creates the most realistic look at pro football since 1979's “North Dallas Forty.” 170m/B VHS, DVD . Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Foxx, Charlton Heston, James Woods, Matthew Modine, Ann-Mar-gret, Lauren Holly, Lela Rochon, LL Cool J, Aaron Eckhart, Jim Brown, Bill Bellamy, Elizabeth Berk-ley, John C. McGinley; D: Oliver Stone; W: Oliver Stone, John Logan; C: Salvatore Totino; M: Robbie Robertson.