Anywhere but Here

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Anywhere But Here ★★½ 1999 (PG-13)

Just who's the Mom here? It certainly doesn't seem to be flaky Adele (Sarandon), who suddenly uproots teen daughter Ann (Portman) from provincial Wisconsin to relocate in sunny L.A., where Adele wants Ann to become an actress. Ann's definitely the practical one of the duo and she tries to rein in Adele's loopier flights of fantasy. Of course, Ann does have some plans (and dreams) of her own. The leads are both pros and there are enough tear-jerking moments to satisfy in this somewhat stereotypical drama. Based on the 1986 novel by Mona Simpson. 114m/C VHS, DVD . Susan Sarandon, Natalie Portman, Shawn Hatosy, Hart Bochner, Bonnie Bedelia, Eileen Ryan, Ray Baker, John Diehl, Caroline Aaron, Paul Guilfoyle, Mary Ellen Trainor, Ashley Johnson; D: Wayne Wang; W: Alvin Sargent; C: Roger Deakins; M: Danny Elfman.