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Anxiety Disorders Association of America

Anxiety Disorders Association of America Career Development Travel Awards (Professional Development/Award/Prize)
Anxiety Disorders Association of America Junior Faculty Research Grants (Professional Development/Grant)

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Anxiety Disorders Association of America Career Development Travel Awards (Professional Development/A ward/Prize)

Purpose: To help young professionals with a career interest in fields related to anxiety disorders. To encourage mental health professionals to advance the field of study of disorders, including the causes, prevention, treatment options, and other related issues. Focus: Mental health. Qualif.: Applicants must be individuals who have completed their master's degree or are training for Ph.D. or M.D. degrees; must be Ph.D level scientists or clinicians who have received doctorates or completed postdoctoral fellow-

ships within the past three years; must be a physician-scientists or clinicians who have completed their residencies or research fellowships within the past three years. Criteria: Candidates will be judge based on the following criteria: (1) Evidence of commitment to field of anxiety disorders; (2) Strength of current program and training; (3) Quality, extent, and multidisciplinary nature of research; (4) Professional reference and personal statement; (5) Interest in becoming involved with ADAA.

Funds Avail.: Travel and expenses stipend of up to $1,000 to attend the ADAA Annual Conference. To Apply: Applicant must submit the application form with the following materials: (1) Essay (with a 200 word abstract for the research poster); (2) Curriculum vitae (including the list of publication if applicable); (3) brief statement (maximum of three pages) describing the applicant's research interest and career goals; (4) Letter of recommendation from the Chair of the Department of Psychiatry or Psychology, training and program director, or the applicant's research mentor/advisor; (5) One reference letter from a mentor, supervisor, department chair, or residency advisor. Application materials must be sent to: Career Development Travel Awards, 8730 George Ave., Ste. 600, Silver Spring, MD 20910. Deadline: November 30.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America Junior Faculty Research Grants (Professional Development/Grant)

Purpose: To support the junior faculty making the transition to independent investigator. To assist individuals in making the transition from trainee to junior faculty and independent investigator. Focus: Mental health. Qualif.: Applicant must have completed at least one year of a doctoral fellowship or post-residency research training by the time the research grant is awarded; must have a mentor or senior research collaborator who is an established investigator in anxiety disorders research. Previous ADAA Career Development and Trainee Travel Award winners are eligible to apply. Criteria: Special consideration will be given to those applicants whose research with their affiliated institution is dependent on outside funding sources.

Funds Avail.: $1,000 travel grant is awarded to cover expenses. To Apply: Applicant must submit a proposal with 250 word abstract and a statement (three-page maximum, single-spaced) from the applicant describing research that will accomplished within the grant period; must have the budget outline stating the amount requested with a brief justification; must have a curriculum vitae of the applicant; must have a research training or career plans with a brief description (two-pages maximum) of the applicant's current research focus or the research training just completed, as well as a short discussion of the applicant's future career plans; must have the curriculum vitae of the applicant's mentor submitted in the NIMH Biographical Sketch format; must have a collaborator letter and mentor letter from an on-site or off-site mentor. Applicant must submit the application online with the other application materials at www.adaa.orgDeadline: December 14.