Wulz, Wanda (1903–1984)

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Wulz, Wanda (1903–1984)

Italian photographer . Born in 1903 in Trieste, Italy; died in Italy in 1984; daughter of Carlo Wulz.

Wanda Wulz was born in 1903 in Trieste, Italy, into a family of portrait photographers and likewise made a name for herself by taking portraits and experimental photographs. Family photographers included her grandfather Guiseppe Wulz and her father Carlo Wulz, who created portraits of local intellectuals and fellow artists and photographed various social events. Like her father, Wanda often photographed artists in the field of theater, dance, and music. Her work of the late 1930s is usually associated with late Futurists because her experimental photography often incorporated motion and superimposed images. Wulz's initial success was limited to Trieste, but in 1930 she earned recognition in Rome for her exhibition of six photographs. During the Tenth Anniversary of the Fascist Revolution in 1932, Wulz established her greatest success, exhibiting experimental work with the "Futurist Collection." Here, her work was displayed in proximity to that of Arthur Bragaglia and other noted artists. Wulz died in Italy, in 1984, at age 80.


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