Wulmar, St.

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Also known as Vulmar; hermit and abbot; b. near Boulogne (Pas-de-Calais), France; d. July 20, c. 710. When his marriage was annulled in its first years because of his wife's earlier betrothal to a noble Frank, he became a monk at Hautmont, where he received his education. When ordained, he obtained permission to retire to a hermitage in his native Picardy. He abandoned this life to found two monasteries: one for women at Wière-au-Bois, the other for men at Silvacius (later known as Saint-Vulmer, or-Samer), where he was abbot until his death. He was buried there. His relics were translated to Boulogne, then Ghent. His Vita 1 a dates from the middle of the 9th century and is of historical value. His Vita 2 a, written during the 12th century, is only an amplification of the first.

Feast: July 20; June 17 (translation).

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