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Wulfred (d. 832). Archbishop of Canterbury. Wulfred came from a wealthy family in Middlesex and was archdeacon under his predecessor Æthelheard. As archbishop from 805 Wulfred reformed the cathedral chapter at Canterbury along lines favoured in the contemporary Frankish church and reintroduced observance of the canonical hours and a common dormitory and refectory. He also consolidated and reorganized the community's lands in Kent and the south-east, as well as building up those of his family. He opposed minster or monastic churches coming under secular ownership and became embroiled with the Mercian king Cenwulf and his daughter Cwenthryth over control of the former proprietary churches of the Kentish royal house. As a result Cenwulf suspended Wulfred from his office between 817 and 821 and the matter was not resolved until a compromise was achieved with Cwenthryth in 826.

Barbara Yorke