Wunderlich, Frieda

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WUNDERLICH, FRIEDA (1884–1965), economist. Born in Berlin, she became a leading expert in the fields of national economy, labor legislation, sociology, and social politics. She taught at the Vocational Institute (Berufspaedagogisches Institut) in Berlin and from 1924 to 1933 was an editor of the periodical Soziale Praxis. She took an active part in political life and was town councilor for Berlin (1926–33), and a member of the Prussian Parliament (1930–33). When Hitler rose to power she left Germany for the U.S., where she became professor of sociology and social politics at the Graduate Faculty of Political and Social Science at the New School for Social Research.

In Germany she published many books and articles, such as Hugo Muensterbergs Bedeutung fuer die Nationaloekonomie (1920); Die Bekaempfung der Arbeitslosigkeit in Deutschland seit Beendigung des Krieges (1925); Der Kampf um die Sozialversicherung (1930); and Versicherung, Fuersorge und Krisenrisiko (1932). In the U.S. she wrote Labor under German Democracy (1940) and British Labor and the War (1941).


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