Kilborn, Pam (1939—)

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Kilborn, Pam (1939—)

Australian hurdler. Born in Melbourne, Australia, on August 12, 1939.

Won the bronze medal in the 80-meter hurdles at the Tokyo Olympics (1964); won the silver medal in the 80-meter hurdles at the Mexico City Olympics (1968).

A hurdler from the age of 16, Australian Pam Kilborn captured the attention of the track-and-field world during the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, winning the 80-meter hurdles by an impressive four meters and placing first in the long jump with a 6.268-meter leap, a career best. At the 1964 Olympics, Kilborn finished third in the 80-meter hurdles, but equaled the world record for the event just a few days later. She retained her hurdles crown at the 1966 British Empire Games and won a silver medal in the 80-meter hurdles at the 1968 Olympics. At the 1970 British Commonwealth Games, weeks shy of her 31st birthday, Kilborn won two gold medals in the 100-meter hurdles and relay event. Pam Kilborn was the first woman selected to carry the Australian flag at the opening ceremony of the 1970 Olympics, but she did not medal at those Games.


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