Kïicka, Jaroslav

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Kïicka, Jaroslav

Kïicka, Jaroslav, eminent Czech composer and pedagogue; b. Kelc, Moravia, Aug. 27, 1882; d. Prague, Jan. 23, 1969. He studied law in Prague (1900–02), then music at the Prague Cons. (1902–05) and in Berlin (1905–06). He was in Ekaterinoslav (1906–09), where he was active as a teacher and conductor. He then returned to Prague as a choirmaster, and later was prof, of composition at the Prague Cons. (1918–45), where he also served as rector. His music was influenced by Dvořăk and native folk songs.


dramatic: Opera: Hypolita (1910-16; Prague, Oct. 10, 1917); BìlýpĂn (The White Gentleman), after Oscar Wilde’s The Canterville Ghost (1927-29; Brno, 1929; rev. 1930; Breslau, Nov. 14, 1931) Krai Lavra (King Lawrence; 1936-37; rev. 1938-39; Prague, June 7, 1940); Ceské jesliöky (The Czech Christmas Manger; 1936-37; rev. 1948; Prague, Jan. 15, 1949); Jâchym a Juliana (Joachim and Julia; 1945-48; Opavâ, 1951); Serenada, opera buffa (Plzen, 1950); Kolebka (The Cradle), musical comedy (1950; Opavâ, 1951); Zahofansky hon (The Zahorany Hunt; Opavâ, 1955). children’s opera:Ogafi (Country Lads; 1918; Nove Mesto, Sept. 7, 1919); Dobfe to dopadlo or Tlusty pradèdeàek (It Turned Out Well or The Fat Great-Grandfather; 1932); Lupici a detekotyvove (Robbers and Detectives; 1932; both operas, Prague, Dec. 29, 1932). other: Several small operas for children’s theater; television opera, Kalhoty (A Pair of Trousers; Czech TV, 1962). orch.: Sym., Jama (Spring; 1905-06; rev. 1942); Nostalgie for Strings and Harp (1905); Faith, symphonic poem (1907); A Children’s Suite (1907); Scherzo Idyllic (1908; Prague, Nov. 13, 1910; 3rd movement of an uncompleted Sym. No. 2); Modry ptak (A Blue Bird), overture, after a Maeterlinck fairy tale (1911; Prague, March 3, 1912, composer conducting); Adventus, symphonic poem (1920-21; Prague, Nov. 6, 1921); Matëj Kopecky, overture (1928); Horacka suita (Suite montagnarde; Prague, Sept. 8, 1935); Sinfonietta for Strings and Timpani (1940–41); Majales, overture (1942); Violin Concerto (1944); Concertino for Horn and String Quartet or String Orch. (1951); Variations on a Theme of Boccherini for Bassoon and String Quartet or String Orch. (1952); Sinfonietta semplice (1962). chamber:Small Suite in Old Style for 2 Violins and Piano (1907); 3 string quartets (1907; 1938-39; Wallachian, 1949); Doma (At Home), piano trio (1924–25); Violin Sonata (1925); Sonatina for 2 Violins (1926-27; rev. for Violin and Viola); Concertino (septet) for Violin, Wind Quintet, and Piano (1940); Partita for Violin (1941); Divertimento for Wind Quintet (1950); Flute Sonatina (1951); Variations for Violin (1956); Violin Sonatina (1962); several albums of piano pieces. vocal: cantatas:PokuSeni na pousti (Temptation in the Desert; 1921-22); Jenny, the Thief (1927–28); Tyrolese Elegies (1930–31); A Eulogy to a Woman (1933); Recollections of Student Years (1934); Moravian Cantata (1935–36); The Golden Spinning Wheel (1943); To Prague (1960). other: Songs; folk song arrangements.


J. Dostâl, J.K. (Prague, 1944).

—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire