Hasso, Signe (1910—)

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Hasso, Signe (1910—)

Swedish actress. Born Signe Larsson on August 15, 1910, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Selected films:

House of Silence (Sweden, 1933); Witches' Night (Sw., 1937); Career (Sw., 1938); Geld fällt vom Himmel (Ger./Sw., 1938); Us Two (Sw., 1939); Steel (Sw., 1940); Journey for Margaret (U.S., 1942); Assignment in Brittany (U.S., 1943); Heaven Can Wait (U.S., 1943); The Story of Dr. Wassell (U.S., 1944); The Seventh Cross (U.S., 1944); Dangerous Partners (U.S., 1945); Johnny Angel (U.S., 1945); The House on 92nd Street (U.S., 1945); Strange Triangle (U.S., 1946); A Scandal in Paris (U.S., 1946); Where There's Life (U.S., 1947); To the Ends of the Earth (U.S., 1948); A Double Life (U.S., 1948); This Can't Happen Here/High Tension (Sw., 1950); Outside the Wall (1950); Crisis (1950); Maria Johanna (Sw., 1953); Taxi 13 (Ger./Sw., 1954); The True and the False (U.S., 1955); Picture Mommy Dead (U.S., 1966); The Black Bird (U.S., 1975); I Never Promised You a Rose Garden (U.S., 1977).

A stage actress while still in her teens, Swedish actress Signe Hasso made the transition to starring roles in films during the 1930s. Discovered by Hollywood in 1942, she appeared in American movies throughout the next decade, most often playing strong-willed women. Notable among her American films are The House on 92nd Street (1945), a spy drama made in documentary style with William Eythe and Lloyd Nolan, and To the Ends of the Earth (1948), a well-crafted thriller with Dick Powell. Her later career included stage, screen, and television appearances in the United States and Europe. She also wrote the lyrics for several Swedish songs.