Ada (c. 380–c. 323 BCE).

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Ada (c. 380–c. 323 bce).

Ruler of Caria. Born c. 380 bce in Caria (Southwestern Turkey); died c. 323 bce; dau. of Hecatomnus, satrap of Caria (r. 392–377); sister of Mausolus (r. 377–353), Artemisia (r. 353–351), Idrieus (r. 351–344), and Pixodarus (r. 341–336); m. brother Idrieus; adopted Alexander the Great as royal heir (334).

Ruled Caria jointly with brother-husband Idrieus (351–344), before assuming the throne on his death; saw her rule contested by her younger brother, Pixodarus, who seems to have seized most of Caria by 341; refusing to surrender her claim to the throne, regained control of Caria with the help of Alexander the Great, whom she (being childless) adopted and made her royal heir (334); after her death (c. 323), her family died out and Caria, already absorbed into the Macedonian sphere of influence, came to be ruled by the Macedonian, Philoxenus.

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