Jewett, Sarah Orne: Principal Works

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Deephaven (short stories) 1877

Play Days: A Book of Stories for Children (juvenilia and poetry) 1878

Old Friends and New (short stories) 1879

Country By-Ways (short stories) 1881

A Country Doctor (novel) 1884

A Mate of the Daylight, and Friends Ashore (short stories) 1884

A Marsh Island (novel) 1885

A White Heron and Other Stories (short stories) 1886

The Story of the Normans, Told Chiefly in Relation to Their Conquest of England (juvenilia) 1887

The King of Folly Island and Other People (short stories) 1888

Betty Leicester: A Story for Girls (juvenilia) 1890

Strangers and Wayfarers (short stories) 1890

A Native of Winby and Other Tales (short stories) 1893

Betty Leicester's English Xmas: A New Chapter of an Old Story (juvenilia) 1894; republished as Betty Leicester's Christmas, 1899

The Life of Nancy (short stories) 1895

The Country of the Pointed Firs (short stories) 1896

The Queen's Twin and Other Stories (short stories) 1899

The Tory Lover (novel) 1901

Stories and Tales. 7 vols. (novel and short stories) 1910

Verses (poetry) 1916

The Best Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett. 2 vols. (short stories) 1925

Sarah Orne Jewett Letters [edited by Richard Cary] (letters) 1967

The Uncollected Short Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett [edited by Richard Cary] (short stories) 1971

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Jewett, Sarah Orne: Principal Works

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