Nadel, Siegfried Frederick

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Nadel, Siegfried Frederick (1903–56) Nadel came to British social anthropology from a background in psychology and philosophy from the University of Vienna, where he had already gained a doctorate. He studied at the London School of Economics under Seligman and Malinowski and carried out fieldwork in West Africa, largely among the Nupe of Nigeria (see A Black Byzantium, 1942, and Nupe Religion, 1954
). He is probably best remembered for his theoretical work, although this is now little read, in which he attempted to link sociology, social anthropology, and psychology in a single frame of analysis (see The Foundations of Social Anthropology, 1942
). His relatively early death, when he was at the height of his powers, undoubtedly contributed to the decline in interest in his work among the next generation of social scientists.