Nadav, Ẓevi

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NADAV, ẒEVI (1891–1959), Second Aliyah and Ha-Shomer activist, editor, and author. Born in Ein Zeitim near Safed, he was brought up in Bobruisk, Belorussia, and returned to Ereẓ Israel in 1906. Nadav was one of the founders and outstanding members of *Ha-Shomer ("Watchmen's Organization") and among the first settlers at Umm Jūnī (*Deganyah) and *Merḥavyah. In 1917, when the Nili intelligence network was uncovered, he was sentenced to forced labor in Turkey, but escaped to Russia and returned to Palestine in 1919. He was a member of *Gedud ha-Avodah ("The Labor Legion") and was active in the organization of Jewish defense in Jerusalem in 1920, in Jaffa in 1921, and in Haifa in 1929. He studied engineering and was the editor of the journal Tekhnikah u-Madda ("Mechanics and Science"). His memoirs, which appeared in Koveẓ ha-Shomer ("Ha-Shomer Anthology," 1937), and his books, Mi-Ymei Shemirah ve-Haganah ("The Days of Vigilance and Defense," 1954), and Kakh Hitḥalnu ("Thus We Began," 1958), are a source for the history of the period.


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[Yehuda Slutsky]