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sound·ing1 / ˈsounding/ • n. the action or process of measuring the depth of the sea or other body of water. ∎  a measurement taken by sounding. ∎  the determination of any physical property at a depth in the sea or at a height in the atmosphere. ∎  (soundings) fig. information or evidence ascertained as a preliminary step before deciding on a course of action: he's been taking soundings about the possibility of moving his offices. ∎  (soundings) archaic the area of sea close to the shore that is shallow enough for the bottom to be reached by means of a sounding line. sound·ing2 • adj. archaic giving forth sound, esp. loud or resonant sound: he went in with a sounding plunge. ∎  having an imposing sound but little substance: the orator has been apt to deal in sounding commonplaces.

views updated

sounding •scaffolding •freestanding, hardstanding, landing, misunderstanding, notwithstanding, outstanding, standing, stranding, understanding, upstanding •Harding, self-regarding •undemanding •heading, Reading, steading, wedding •gelding •ending, impending, uncomprehending, unoffending, unpretending •sub-heading • heartrending •goaltending •arcading, grading, lading, shading, unfading, upbraiding •exceeding, leading, misleading, pleading, reeding, self-feeding, sheading, unheeding •Fielding, yielding •inbreeding • stockbreeding •forbidding, Ridding •building • wingding • shipbuilding •bodybuilding • outbuilding •confiding, hiding, riding, siding •wilding •binding, finding •paragliding • wadding •corresponding • hot-rodding •according, hoarding, recording, unrewarding •sailboarding • snowboarding •telerecording • videorecording •Dowding •grounding, sounding, surrounding •foreboding, loading •Golding, holding, moulding (US molding), scolding •landholding • shareholding •smallholding • roadholding •wounding •peasepudding, pudding •underfunding • wording

views updated


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