Sour Grapes

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Sour Grapes ★★ 1998 (R)

“Seinfeld” co-creator David's feature directorial debut has cousins Evan and Richie (Weber and Bierko) feuding over an Atlantic City slot machine jackpot. Evan, a successful neurosurgeon lends Richie, an extroverted loser, two quarters for one last pull on the slots. Of course, Richie wins $400,000. Escalating revenge schemes, petty greed, and quirky small talk scream sitcom episode, as do the TV quality production values, and lighting. The dialogue is biting and clever, but on the whole there's not enough here to justify 90 minutes of screen time. Robyn Peterman, the real-life daughter of J. Peterman, plays Richie's girlfriend. If you liked “Seinfeld,” this flick's for you. 91m/C VHS, DVD . Jack Kehler, Steven Weber, Craig Bierko, Karen Sillas, Matt Keeslar, Robyn Peterman, Jennifer Leigh Warren, Richard Gant, James MacDonald, Philip Baker Hall, Ann Guilbert; D: Larry David; W: Larry David; C: Victor Hammer.