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CARICOM [Pronounced ‘Carry-com’]. The abbreviation of, and common name for, the Caribbean Community and Common Market. An organization for economic and social cooperation, and the co-ordination of foreign affairs, among former British territories in the Caribbean, formed in 1973 to replace the earlier Caribbean Free Trade Association (Carifta). Its members are: Antigua and Barbuda; the BAHAMAS; BARBADOS; BELIZE; Dominica; GRENADA; GUYANA; Jamaica; MONTSERRAT (a British colony); ST CHRISTOPHER AND NEVIS; ST LUCIA; ST VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES; and TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO. The secretariat is at Georgetown, Guyana, and the working language is English.

views updated

CARICOM (ˈkærɪˌkɒm) Caribbean Community and Common Market