Carisbrooke castle

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Carisbrooke castle. A small royal castle near Newport on the Isle of Wight. Occupied by parliamentary forces during the civil wars, the castle and its garrison of twelve soldiers was governed by Colonel Robert Hammond from 1647. Perhaps influenced by a report of Hammond's disenchantment with the parliamentary cause, Charles I fled from Hampton Court to Carisbrooke on 14 November 1647. At the end of December Charles negotiated a secret treaty with the Scots, after which point the garrison was strengthened, and Parliament ordered that the king should be detained in custody. Charles twice attempted but failed to escape from the castle, though he was let out on parole during the Newport treaty of September 1648. Prior to their seizure of power, the army leaders dismissed Hammond. They then transferred Charles from Carisbrooke to Windsor in preparation for his trial and execution.

Ian Gentles