Jacks, L(awrence) P(earsall) (1860-1955)

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Jacks, L(awrence) P(earsall) (1860-1955)

British author and professor of philosophy who investigated psychical phenomena. He was born on October 9, 1860, at Nottingham, England. He was educated at University School, Nottingham; London University (M.A., 1886); Manchester College; and Harvard. He became a professor of philosophy at Manchester College, Oxford, in 1903, and for many years served as principal (1915-31).

Jacks served as president of the Society for Psychical Research, London (1917-18), and as vice president (1909-55). He was particularly concerned with the relationship of psychical research to philosophy. He also sat with a number of mediums, including Gladys Osborne Leonard, one of the outstanding British trance mediums. After an active life that included writing several books and a number of articles, Jacks died February 17, 1955.


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Jacks, L(awrence) P(earsall) (1860-1955)

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