Jackie Chan's First Strike

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Jackie Chan's First Strike ★★★ First Strike; Police Story 4 1996 (PG-13)

Plot, schmot. The human hurricane that is Jackie Chan is once again amazing in this kungfu comedy homage to ‘60s James Bond movies. Half Bruce Lee and half Charlie Chaplin, Chan reprises the role of the Hong Kong supercop named Jackie, who is this time loaned out by his superior officer “Uncle Bill” (Tung) to the CIA. He is sent to the Ukraine to spy on a beautiful young woman involved in smuggling nuclear weapons along with rogue CIA agent Tsui (Lou). He follows the villains to Australia, where he secures justice, peace, and sharp blows to the head. Enough about the plot. Listen to this! He holds bad guys at bay by whirling an aluminum stepladder like it was a drum major's baton! He kicks somebody off of a second story ledge while on stilts! He sings and dances while wearing koala bear underwear! Dubbed in English. 87m/C VHS, DVD . HK Jackie Chan, Bill Tung, Jackson Lou, Annie (Chen Chun) Wu, Jouri (Yuri) Petrov, Grishajeva Nonna; D: Stanley Tong; W: Stanley Tong, Greg Mellott, Nick Tramontane, Elliot Tong; C: Jingle Ma; M: J. Peter Robinson.