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Mimidae (mockingbirds, thrashers; class Aves, order Passeriformes) A family of blue-grey, grey, or brown birds, one species of which is entirely black (many of the nine Mimus species have a white supercilium). Some have black-spotted under-parts. They have medium to long bills (slightly to very decurved in thrashers, 10 species of Toxostoma), some have highly decurved, short, rounded wings, and they have long tails. They sing well, and many are mimics. They are arboreal and terrestrial, found in trees and dense scrub, feeding on insects, fruit, and seeds, and nesting in trees and bushes, or on the ground. There are 13 genera, with about 32 species, some migratory, found in N., Central, and S. America, and the W. Indies.