cymose inflorescence

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cymose inflorescence (cyme; definite inflorescence) A type of flowering shoot (see inflorescence) in which the first-formed flower develops from the growing region at the top of the flower stalk (see illustration). Thus no new flower buds can be produced at the tip and other flowers are produced from lateral buds beneath. In a monochasial cyme (or monochasium), the development of the flower at the tip is followed by a new flower axis growing from a single lateral bud. Subsequent new flowers may develop from the same side of the lateral shoots, as in the buttercup, or alternately on opposite sides, as in forget-me-not. In a dichasial cyme (or dichasium), the development of the flower at the apex is followed by two new flower axes developing from buds opposite one another, as in plants of the family Caryophyllaceae (such as stitchwort). Compare racemose inflorescence.