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Brachythecium (order Hypnobryales) A genus of pleurocarpous mosses in which branching may be irregular or pinnate. The leaves are imbricate to spreading, and each has a nerve extending at least half-way up the leaf. The capsule is inclined to horizontal, ovoid to cylindrical, and borne on a deep-red seta. Brachythecium is a cosmopolitan genus with many species, found in a wide variety of habitats. B. rutabulum is common in all but the most acid habitats, particularly in damp, shady situations. It grows on rocks, soil, wood, and often in lawns. Its shoots grow to 12 cm. Branching is irregular, with the branches erect, ascending, or arcuate. The leaves are 2–3 mm long, broadly oval, and tapering to a sharp point. They are bright green to yellowish-green, and glossy.