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lu·bri·cate / ˈloōbrəˌkāt/ • v. [tr.] apply a substance such as oil or grease to (an engine or component) to minimize friction and allow smooth movement: remove the nut and lubricate the thread | [as adj.] (lubricating) lubricating oils. ∎  make (something) slippery or smooth by applying an oily substance. ∎ fig. make (a process) run smoothly: the availability of credit lubricated the channels of trade. ∎ fig. make someone convivial, esp. with alcohol: men lubricated with alcohol speak their true feelings. DERIVATIVES: lu·bri·ca·tion / ˌloōbrəˈkāshən/ n. lu·bri·ca·tor / -ˌkātər/ n.

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lubricate •defalcate • demarcate • cheapskate •eradicate • abdicate •dedicate, medicate, predicate •indicate, syndicate, vindicate •adjudicate • defecate •certificate, pontificate •confiscate • replicate • explicate •spifflicate • triplicate • implicate •complicate •duplicate, quadruplicate, quintuplicate •supplicate • fornicate •communicate, excommunicate, intercommunicate, tunicate •divaricate, prevaricate •fabricate • deprecate • metricate •extricate •lubricate, rubricate •desiccate • intoxicate • masticate •authenticate • domesticate •sophisticate • prognosticate •rusticate • hypothecate • manducate •educate • obfuscate • inculcate •bifurcate • suffocate • allocate •dislocate • reciprocate • coruscate •altercate • advocate • equivocate •furcate

views updated

lubricate make slippery or smooth XVII; treat with oil XVIII. f. pp. stem of L. lūbricāre, f. lūbricus slippery; see -ATE3.
So lubricity wantonness XIV; slipperiness XVII. — F. — late L.

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