Lubin, Simon Julius

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LUBIN, SIMON JULIUS (1876–1936), U.S. economist, business executive, and public servant. Lubin, who was born in Sacramento, California, entered the Sacramento firm of Weinstock, Lubin … Company after his graduation from Harvard in 1903 and rose to become its president. Lubin drafted the California State Immigration and Housing Law and in 1913 Governor Hiram Johnson named him to head the California State Commission of Immigration and Housing. In that position he strove to improve conditions among migrant farm workers. In 1934 Lublin was appointed to a National Labor Board commission to settle agricultural strife in California's Imperial Valley. Lubin also was consultant to the California Emergency Relief Administration; founder (1926) and president of the Sacramento Region Citizens Council; and founder (1931) and president of the Pan-American Institute of Reciprocal Trade. Although a Republican, he vigorously supported much of the New Deal.