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LUBRANIEC (Rus. Lyubranets ; Yid. Lubrentsk ), small town in Bydgoszcz province, central Poland. The Jewish community was founded in the first half of the 17th century. Jewish merchants of Lubraniec had commercial ties with Danzig and Leipzig. The Brest overlord granted Lubraniec Jews a privilege in 1780, permitting them to engage in commerce and crafts. The Jewish population numbered 241 in 1765. The stone synagogue was considered one of the oldest buildings in the town. The Jewish community numbered 475 (47% of the total population) in 1808; 1,148 (60%) in 1827; 987 (58%) in 1857; 816 (39%) in 1897; and 834 (38%) in 1921. Between the two world wars the town contained a children's home of the Central Yiddish School Organization (cysho; see *Education). Before the outbreak of World War ii there were about 880 Jews in Lubraniec. The Jewish community was liquidated in the spring of 1942, when the Jews were deported to *Chelmno death camp.


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