Luboshitzki, Aaron

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LUBOSHITZKI, AARON (1874–1942), Hebrew writer, poet, and educator. Born in Poland, he became a member of the Hebrew literary circle in Warsaw at the turn of the century. He served as headmaster of a Hebrew school and established Aviv, an educational publishing house. Later, he taught in Smolensk, Russia, again in Warsaw (where in 1922 he set up the Barkai publishing house), and then in Brest-Litovsk, Volkovysk, and Lodz. After Lodz fell to the Germans during World War ii, he was sent to the Warsaw ghetto and was active in clandestine cultural activities until his death at the hands of the Nazis.

Luboshitzki began his literary career at the age of 15, and published articles and poems in most of the Hebrew journals of the time. His first volume of poetry, Piẓei No'ar, was published in 1894. Among his other works are Pirkei Shirah (originals and translations, 1897), Yosele ha-Matmid (1899), a story in verse, and Viddui (1899), poems with national themes. He wrote many children's poems, some of which were very popular, stories and plays for children and adults, and he translated poetry. His textbooks in Jewish history were widely used in Hebrew schools in Poland and elsewhere.


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