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roll·o·ver / ˈrōlˌōvər/ • n. 1. Finance the extension or transfer of a debt or other financial arrangement. ∎  (in a lottery) the accumulative carryover of prize money to the following drawing. 2. inf. the overturning of a vehicle. 3. a facility on an electronic keyboard enabling one or several keystrokes to be registered correctly while another key is depressed.

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Rollover ★½ 1981 (R)

Turgid big-budget drama about Arab undermining of American economy. Kristofferson is lifeless, Fonda is humorless. Supporting players Sommer and Cronyn fare better. 117m/C VHS, DVD . Jane Fonda, Kris Kristoffer-son, Hume Cronyn, Bob Gunton, Josef Sommer, Martha Plimpton; D: Alan J. Pakula.

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rollover The down-warping of the hanging wall block along a lystric fault, which occurs when a space opens next to the fault. The resulting structure is usually called a ‘rollover anticline’.

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