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ancestorbitter, committer, critter, embitter, emitter, fitter, flitter, fritter, glitter, gritter, hitter, jitter, knitter, litter, permitter, pitta, quitter, remitter, sitter, skitter, slitter, spitter, splitter, submitter, titter, transmitter, twitter, witter •drifter, grifter, lifter, shifter, sifter, snifter, uplifter •constrictor, contradictor, depicter, dicta, evictor, inflicter, predictor, victor •filter, kilter, philtre (US philter), quilter, tilter •Jacinta, midwinter, Minter, Pinta, Pinter, printer, splinter, sprinter, tinter, winter •sphincter •assister, ballista, bistre (US bister), blister, enlister, glister, lister, mister, resistor, Sandinista, sister, transistor, tryster, twister, vista •trickster •minster, spinster •hipster, quipster, tipster •cohabiter • arbiter • presbyter •exhibitor, inhibitor, prohibiter •Manchester • Chichester • Silchester •Rochester • Colchester •creditor, editor, subeditor •auditor • Perdita • taffeta • shopfitter •forfeiter • outfitter • counterfeiter •register • marketer •cricketer, picketer •Alistair • weightlifter • filleter •fillister • shoplifter •diameter, heptameter, hexameter, parameter, pentameter, tetrameter •Axminster • Westminster •limiter, perimeter, scimitar, velocimeter •accelerometer, anemometer, barometer, gasometer, geometer, manometer, micrometer, milometer, olfactometer, optometer, pedometer, photometer, pyrometer, speedometer, swingometer, tachometer, thermometer •Kidderminster • janitor •banister, canister •primogenitor, progenitor, senator •administer, maladminister, minister, sinister •monitor • per capita • carpenter •spanakopita • Jupiter • trumpeter •character • barrister • ferreter •teleprinter •chorister, forester •interpreter, misinterpreter •capacitor • ancestor • Exeter •stepsister •elicitor, solicitor •babysitter • house-sitter • bullshitter •competitor • catheter • harvester •riveter • banqueter • non sequitur •loquitur •inquisitor, visitor •compositor, expositor

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ancestor XIII. Early forms are of three types: (i) auncetre, surviving XVII in latinized sp. auncitor; (ii) ancestre, antecedent of the present form through ancestour, by assim. to -tour, -TOR; (iii) ancessour (rare). — OF. ancestre (mod. ancêtre) orig. nom. :- L. antecēssor, and OF. ances(s)our acc. :- L. antecēssōrem predecessor, f. antecēdere precede, f. ante before + cēdere go (cf. CEDE).
So ancestry XIV. Modification, after ancestre, of OF. ancesserie, f. ancessour.

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an·ces·tor / ˈanˌsestər/ • n. a person, typically one more remote than a grandparent, from whom one is descended. ∎  an early type of animal or plant from which others have evolved. ∎  an early version of a machine, artifact, system, etc., that later became more developed.

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ancestor of a node in a tree. Any node on the unique path from the root of the tree to the node in question. A proper ancestor of a node, A, is a node, B, such that B is an ancestor of A and AB. See also parent.

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